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Have you got a story to share? Write it up, and send it to me! I’ll share it right here on the Kori Miller Kid Lit site for the whole world to read.

Anyone age 6 – 14 is welcome to send a story. If you’re 15+, then you can send your writing to Kori Miller Writes.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind before you hit that submit button:

  • Write your story. Let it rest.
  • Revise your story. Are there any ideas you could expand? Could your descriptions be clearer?
  • Edit your story. Is everything spelled correctly? Are there sentences that go on and on and on? Are you using the correct punctuation?

Write the best story that you can!

If you want to include illustrations, then you’ll need to send them as jpgs (ask your parents for help), you also can get pictures from clipart files, or even

I can’t wait to read your story!


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