Dante in the Woods

Dante and Rufus are settling into their new home, in the country. For a few days, they’ve sat, peering through the floor to ceiling, glass windows in the kitchen, into the backyard. In the distance, they see a trail leading into the woods. Dante, always the adventurous ferret, is eager to explore the trail. His pal, Rufus, is happy to join him.

Finally, their Pet opens the door.  The two race off through the backyard, past a large tree stump, and onto the trail.  As they make their way over fallen trees and through tall grass, they meet a ground squirrel named Twigg, and invite him to join them as they explore their new country home.

The three friends make their way through the woods to a corn field. Dante and Twigg take off, leaving Rufus to catch up, and find them. Before long, the two realize that Rufus isn’t chasing them, but something else is.

Will they find Rufus? If they don’t, will they find their way back to the tree stump without him?


Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers:

This is a wonderful story about friends sticking together when a bully is lurking.

Available for purchase:  Pending! Are you an illustrator? Get in touch!