Dante and the Cold, Dark Night

As winter approaches, Rufus is too tired to go exploring, but Dante can’t wait to get outside. A package arrives, and as The Pet is distracted, Dante slips outside.

For several nights, he’s heard a strange sound. It sounds a little like puppies, but Rufus assured him that it wasn’t. Dante is determined to discover the source of the sound, that’s been coming from the field, across the gravel road from his home.

First, Dante finds a shed and scurries inside to investigate. He’s greeted by a horse, named Samuel, and several chickens. They tell him that the evil coyotes are making the sound he hears, and warn him to stay away from them. Dante, never one to judge another furry, feathered, or scaly creature before he’s met them, decides to search for the coyotes.

Will he find bullies waiting to hurt him, or new friends willing to protect him?

Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers:

This third story in the Dante series teaches children the importance of evaluating friendships based on their own beliefs and experiences, rather than the potentially biased opinions of others.

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