It’s a hot summer day, and a calf named Millie can’t take the heat for even one more minute! Roxy, Millie’s best friend, encourages Millie to follow her to the shed, to get out of the sun, but it’s crowded with cows and calves. Annoyed, Millie¬†walks to the back pasture, followed by Roxy. ¬†Soon, their friend Sally finds them, and reminds Millie that the cows don’t allow the calves in the back pasture. Millie hears water and doesn’t listen to Sally. They find a gate, but when Millie can’t get it opened, she convinces Sally to do it for her. Soon, the three friends find the source of the water.

Millie decides to break the cows’ rules about never going into the back pasture. She convinces her friends to help her. They find their oasis from the blistering heat, but when they get caught returning from the back pasture, will Millie do the right thing?

Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers:

Splash! is a great story about the importance of following directions, even when we believe we know better.

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