Archer Jaxson and The Compass Wars


All that you believe you know about your parents’ death is a lie. And, they might not be dead. The seeds for the Compass War began in 1983. You won’t find any information in the usual places. Go to Deighton Grey. She can help you. Be cautious.

Archer Jaxson grasped the small note, written in old-style script on yellow paper, and read it again. The 13-year-old didn’t know what to make of it. His parents were killed during the war that ended three years ago. He was ten. Now, he lived with his uncle Miles’ family. He placed the note into his Calculus book, stuffed the book into his messenger bag with his mini-comp, and headed for the kitchen.

It’s 2063. The Compass War has been over for three years. Archer Jaxson lives in Asamiday, where time travel is reserved for a select few. But, Archer Jaxson has other plans. With the help of his cousin, Deighton Grey, he’ll travel through time to discover the truth about his parents’ supposed death and the secrets of compass technology.

Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers:

Archer Jaxson and The Compass Wars is an adventure and a mystery. Archer must discover the clues left for him by his parents. With the help of his cousin and his great-aunt, Dezeray Jackson, he discovers the truth about his parents’ lives as researchers in Asamiday. In the end, he learns the importance of family ties, friendship, and truth.

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