3 Life Lessons From Dobby

3 Life Lessons From Dobby

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Recently, Dobby, one of our cats, had to spend nearly a week at the vet’s office. He’s supposed to be an inside cat, but has decided that being outside is more rewarding. He doesn’t have front claws (not by our choice) so I was always hesitant to allow him outside time. But he seemed a lot happier.

We adopted Dobby and his brother, Harry, from a local shelter. When we brought them home, Dobby hid for several days. After a while, he began warming up to us and never wanted to venture outside. Harry, on the other hand, darted out every time a door opened! Their personalities are completely different.

Over time, Dobby began peaking his head out when one of us would open a door. Then he’d go out, but only for short periods of time. Those short stays turned into all-day adventures. I’d see him attempting to catch a wild turkey who’d strayed into our backyard. Or, he’d lounge in the sun on the deck. Every now and then, I’d catch him returning from the neighbor’s yard (having been up to no good, I’m sure.)

Now that he’s home from the vet, he has to stay inside for a few days. So, I spent the greater part of yesterday listening to him beg to go outside. I know that he missed me, but I also know that he missed his freedom even more.

3 valuable lessons from Dobby 

  1. Appreciate your freedom. It comes in a variety of packages. – Dobby’s sulking and needy because his has been taken away. Do the right things and you’ll keep yours.
  2. Slow down and watch the world around you. Things don’t have to happen at break-neck speeds, 24/7 to be interesting. – Dobby spends most of his day observing his world.
  3. Go after what you want no matter how unlikely your success might seem (You might surprise yourself.) – Someday, Dobby’s going to catch one of those wild turkeys!

What are you learning from your pets? Tell me in the comments!

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