Get Muddy This Summer

Get Muddy This Summer

If there’s one thing you should do this summer, it’s to go outside. Most of us, kids and adults, spend most of our time inside breathing nasty, recycled air. Yuck! This summer, make a vow to get outside. Play in the dirt, and the mud. Make bubbles. Draw with chalk. Anything! Just get outside.

Last weekend, my kids participated in their first mud run hosted by Muddy Heroes.

muddy heroes logo

Muddy Heroes is a 3K race across a mud-filled obstacle course. Runners push their limits as they run, jump and crawl through deep mud and maneuver over, under and through obstacles. Does your child have what it takes to be a Muddy Hero?

Each year, the organization partners with a local group whose focus is on children. At the Omaha event, the Southwest YMCA received a portion of each runner’s registration, and Muddy Heroes helped spread the word about the Y’s programs for kids.

If you’ve never attended a mud run, here’s how you might look about mid-way through the course:

muddy heores 1

Random kids getting muddy!


My youngest LOVED the mud. She was covered head to toe with mud and bits of grass, and had to wash her hair three times just to get everything out! Our oldest wasn’t a fan of the mud, but enjoyed the obstacle course. This is one of those things you need to do, just to say, that you did that once.

Some kids dress in hero costumes, but you don’t have to. It was so hot the day we did it, so our kids dressed in shorts, old T-shirts, and wore tennis shoes. If we do it next year, they’re wearing water shoes!

muddy shoes


Check out Muddy Heroes. There might be a run in your area!

Have a great summer! And, remember to get outside.

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