BFFs Rock!

BFFs Rock!

Do you have a BFF? I bet you do! So does Dante. His BFF, Rufus, is a big, old yellow lab. When Rufus was a puppy, he lived in a pet store with lots of other critters. He was scared and felt alone because none of his brothers and sisters were with him. Then, one day, a man entered the store looking for his BFF. It turned out, the man’s BFF was Rufus!

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When Rufus finds Dante in the pet store, he knows exactly how Dante feels. I bet you know how your friends feel when they’re scared, right? Rufus helped Dante feel better by telling him about his own experience, and that everything would be okay.

Rufus 7_300 dpi_1500pixels

Sometimes, that’s all our friends need us to do, and say.

How do you know if your BFF rocks?

  • Does your friend listen to you?
  • Does your friend defend you?

  • Does your friend make you laugh?

  • Does your friend help you when you’re sad or angry?

  • Does your friend play fair?

  • Does your friend listen to his or her parents?

  • Is your friend nice to other kids?

  • Is your friend truthful?

  • Is your friend happy?

These are just a few things to think about when choosing a BFF.

What makes your BFF Rock? Write it in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!